I’m so thrilled to develop a new body of work for my next solo exhibition at the amazing Sturt gallery in Mittagong. Opening 15 April, 11am – through to 3 June 2018.

Dream Our Dreams

“Running from 15 April to 3 June 2018, the beautifully constructed and stunning pieces made from foraged plant material will leave you spellbound with its ethereal beauty and harmonised rawness.

‘I am of You’ offers glimpses of shapeshifting natural forms, from unnoticed branches, leaves and seedpods into shapes that move you; that celebrate the abundance of nature and our place in this universe.

‘I am of You’ is a call for us to fall in love again with the world around us and see that we are bound by nature to claim its place in our heart.

The collection of intricately woven pieces explores the connection between all living things – from the earth beneath our feet, through to the air above us and everything in between. It transforms the inherent beauty of nature into moments that encourage reflection and connection.

Catriona’s work highlights the link between raw foraged organic materials, like vines and seed pods, with earthy materials like base metals including copper, and natural elements like charcoal, clay and ash.

In this body of work for Sturt Gallery, Catriona inspires us to recognise that we are not that much different, you and I and to hold sacred our links to our ancestry which is so closely connected to the earth and the vines, leaves and plants that grow from it.”