Inviting you to take this special opportunity to connect with your creative side as you learn new techniques in traditional basketry from acclaimed Australian artist, Catriona Pollard.

2-4 April, 2018 – booked out
Waverley, South Taranaki
Limited to 10 people

Slow down and gift yourself the time to find the secret life in natural objects.

You may walk past a fallen branch and not even notice it, but maybe it’s the beginnings of a sculpture. Explore the joy of picking up a vine, stick or seed pod and imagine what they could be.

Over the three days, you will experience ephemeral art on the beach which is a fun, inspirational experience that excites your imagination, perception and creativity – and makes you see the world around you in a different way.

Over two hours you will work directly in the natural environment guided by a series of exercises in creating ephemeral art. You will create one work or a series of works that integrate into the natural environment.

Then we will spend two days exploring creativity and basketry. This workshop is all about exploration and play not perfection. Using found materials we will then explore traditional basketry techniques including twining and random weave

We all have new growth ready to emerge, and basketry can help you reconnect with your imagination, nature and give you new insights and perspectives.