Reservoir of Hope


Reservoir of Hope

Finalist – Environmental Art & Design Award

Over scorched earth and blackened waterways sits a precariously balanced Reservoir of Hope. An emblem for the future. The bushfires and floods touched me personally and resulted in the reflection that the constant stream of terrifying images and dire predictions disengages and generates a sense of despair. It immobilises people with hopelessness.

Using crushed copper house guttering placed into a bushfire, wood foraged from a bushfire and recycled electrical copper wire, Reservoir of Hope represents the concept that we have reservoirs of hope – stores of an emotion that can be used to envision our future. In times of crisis – planetary or personal – we can access it to amplify positivity and action into the situation.

Hope allows us to want to do right by the world and feel responsibility for conserving nature and recognising the interdependence between the welfare of humans and the more than human world.

Size: 60 h 42 w 36d

Materials: crushed copper house guttering,  wood foraged, recycled electrical copper wire

Sculptural Art by Catriona Pollard – Get in touch for pricing and details.