The Rhythm of Hope and Despair SOLD


The Rhythm of Hope and Despair

Despair has been a constant companion during the fires, floods and pandemic. Surrounding our ability to feel hope. The tension between hope and despair creates a rhythm that hums through our senses, magnifying the fragility of the spaces in between.

The looping of the material in this work generates movement that builds a distinctive rhythm in each section, signifying its impact on our bodies and how our energy flows through spaces.

The interconnection of the material represents the concept that despair and hope live side by side, held tightly, with the same stream of life through both.

The Rhythm of Hope & Despair is an evocation to centre hope in our lives. To sense its rhythm and dance in its light.

Size: 87 h,  116 w, 8 d cm

Material: Vine, Charcoal, Recycled Copper

Sculptural Art by Catriona Pollard – Get in touch for pricing and details.