Thrilled to say that ‘Resilience in the Nest’ has been selected as a finalist in the National Capital Art Prize.


Urbanisation has dramatically reduced natural habitat and impacts nesting opportunities for birds at a critical stage of breeding. While watching the CCTV of the Peregrine Falcons in a nest on the rooftop of 367 Collins Street in Melbourne, it struck me that birds living in cities face huge challenges but for resilient bird species, the urban environment can also provide excellent living opportunities. Using a variety of nesting strategies like nesting on human architecture means the birds survive in an urban environment. The key is adaptation. Absolutely something humans will need to learn from these birds to survive climate change.

Dimensions 134h x 84 w 80d (cm)
Medium Sculpture – recycled steel, foraged Hardenberger, recycled copper electrical wire

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Public exhibition:

When: 16 September – 8 October 2023
Time: 10am – 4pm | Monday – Sunday
Where: Aarwun Gallery, 11 Federation Square, Gold Creek