Over 450 entries were received and just over 160 finalists have been selected across the seven Open sub-categories. Wilderness in Flourishing Mutiny was selected as a finalist for the 2023 Northern Beaches Environmental Art & Design Prize – Open Category.

Exhibition dates & times – 4 – 27 August, 10am – 5pm, Tues – Sun

Manly Gallery and Museum

On my neighborhood walk, I pass a brick wall built to give privacy to the house behind it. As with most urban streets, the wilderness is tamed by planting pretty flowers and neighbor approved trees. However, this brick wall has a mutiny of wilderness. Flourishing in the smallest of crevasses, the patchwork of green sprouts grow into miniature trees alongside beautiful green weeds. ‘Wilderness in Mutiny’ offers the idea that while we have impacted vast areas of wilderness and replaced it with sprawling urban areas, the renegade plants have prevailed and if you choose to see, the concrete jungles are in fact flourishing with wild urban plants. In the landscapes of contemporary cities, these plants provide real ecological benefits, and are the overlooked backbone of an emergent green infrastructure.

Materials: Recycled copper electrical wire, smilax vine