Strands of Self


As we move through life our connections with people, our interwoven stories, our touch points, our intersections with events significantly influence the women we are. The strands of self are moulded through, around, across these moments in time.

Our vision of self, and what we are and will become are now so much more – because of real life and online experiences. My connections online mould my life now just as much as my real life. Now my touch points are woven even more significantly through so many more people’s lives.

The groups of strands that move through the piece represent our family, mentors, work teams, friends that shape us and hold tight our vision within the chaos of life.

Our strands of self begin and end with the simplicity of a braid down a woman’s back.

Strands of Self is woven from one piece of Bangalow Palm inflorescence. My weaving acknowledges and redefines ‘women’s work’ so often dismissed as simple craft and objects that are functional which hold no beauty.

Technique: Random weave
Size: 1.5 metres
Material: Bangalow Palm inflorescence