Paper. Wood. Spirit. – SOLD

When I look at this basket I see it as energy. It flows from the earth, through the heart and up into to the universe through the clear quartz crystal. The crystal is a beacon radiating light out into the depths of the universe. It’s to remind us that we manifest our own light and we are beacons for other people. We need to stay grounded as well as being connected to the universe.

To make this basket, I hand made paper using plants including banana and New Zealand flax and red-hot poker. I then corded the paper which involved cutting it into strips and turning it into cord – in the same way string is made by machines – but in this case by hand. I then used the technique of coiling with spiral stitch using waxed linen thread. It’s 6cm high x 14 cm wide.

The wood is driftwood from Broken Head beach near Byron Bay. I have had it for decades… just waiting to be placed on this basket. The crystal is from my aunty who gave me a handful of quartz when I was doing my crystal healing and reiki training.

It is a fibre sculpture that will hopefully share light and bring joy to you.

This basket was selected for the Mosman Gallery’s 2088 exhibition (2011) on 26 March – 21 April 2011. For more information