Thrilled to say that ‘She Finds Her Wings Within Her Cocoon’ has been selected as a finalist in the National Capital Art Prize.

It’s online now for sale and will be part of the 2022 National Capital Art Prize Finalist Public Exhibition will be held at the Fitters’ Workshop in Canberra in from 22 September to 13 October.

Surrounded by thorned vines, just like the overwhelming rhetoric of climate change, she finds wings within her cocoon that gives her hope. Woven using Smilax, a thorny Australian endemic vine, she looks beyond the thorns, to the sweet leaves that can be eaten straight from the vine or boiled and used as tea or medicinal tonic. Shifting her focus – finding her wings – gives her the ability to see how her actions, even if they are small, can be impactful. She takes responsibility for conserving nature and recognising the interdependence between the welfare of humans and the natural world.

100cm x 45cm x 33cms  – woven from Smilax vine.

To purchase it please click here.