Exhibition: Composing Earth and Sky

25 March – 2 April 2023

Composing Earth and Sky brings together woven and ceramic sculptural works that explore concepts inspired by natural environments and our personal connection to them.

The sculptures of foraged vines and recycled metal wire references the ancient basketry technique of looping that has been used across human cultures for tens of thousands of years. The looping creates patterns and harmonious rhythms that I witnesses in nature. The sculptures are created in spiritual conversation and meditation with the artist’s natural surroundings, and explore the liminal state between observing with sight and sound and observing with spirit.

By sharing dialogue with the materials and allowing them to inform the narrative of the artwork, it means that stories are formed and shared from the landscape in transformational ways – in a language that provides new meanings and relationships with spirit, nature, humans and the landscape – and the interconnectedness of all.

Concerned with humankind’s detachment from the natural world, the artists use materials that are formed in the earth and grow towards the sky to embody this dilemma.  With their hands and hearts, they work with their material’s innate qualities to co-create forms that respond to their own environment and personal stories.  These are inextricably linked to their landscape – both earth and sky.

By building new foundations and exploring alternative possibilities the artists compose forms that express respect for the tenacity of nature and inevitability of change. Combining human influence with natural processes, the works highlight we are connected by our existence and experience of living together on this planet. By relinquishing control of nature, we move towards harmony between earth and sky.


25 March – 2 April 2023

Opening: Saturday 25 March, 2-4pm

Open 10-4pm every day

Barometer Gallery, 14 Gurner St Paddington