Latest Work

Ruffle My Tutu Baby

Material: Philodendron, wotsonia

I Put My Armour On

Materials: Cocos Palm sheath, Xanthorrhoea resin, Xanthorrhoea trunk sections


Materials: Vine, copper.

Fly Away With Me

Spread your wings. Stretch, glide, lift. See how you never fall. Materials: ...

See Me

Material: Water Vine, Copper  


Materials: Bangalow Palm Inflorescence, Xanthorrhoea Resin   Dimensions: 700mm h 340mm deep ...

Burnt Offerings

Materials: Cocos Palm Sheath, Layered Clay and Ash, Bangalow Palm Inflorescence Dimensions: ...

Fire In My Soul

Material: Cocos Palm Sheath, Burnt Xanthorrhoea Trunk Sections   Dimensions: 980mm h ...