Latest Work

catriona pollard atlantis


Materials: Cocos Palm sheath, Bangalow Palm inflorescence and copper. Dimensions: Length: 154.5cm ...

Dream Our Dream

Material: Wonga Wonga Vine and Jacaranda Dimensions: Length: 117cm Width: 115cm Depth: ...

You Make Me Happy

Table Top or Wall – Random weave Smilax $320 each

Smilax Teepee

Standalone – Smilax, Willow, Dodder 180 (h)

Sunshine series

Wall – Fairy Fishing Rod Iris, Red Hot Poker (Reeds on Ray ...

Pear Me


Taking a Dip

SOLD Material: Wonga Wonga Vines, copper Size: 85cm (h), 30 (W), 5 ...

The Ties That Bind Us (Copper)

Material: Wonga Wonga Vine, Cumbungi, copper Size: 80(H), 100(w), 30 (d) Available ...