Latest Work

Come Under The Sea With Me

Paper – twinned Installation piece from ceiling or wall. Size: from ceiling ...

Feeling The Sun On My Face

Bangalow Palm inflorescence 2 x 1.5 m


Material: Wonga Wonga vine, Dracaena Marginata Dimensions: Length: 170cm Width: 130cm Depth: ...

Lunar Dance

Material: Wonga Wonga vine, jacaranda stalks, charcoal Dimensions: Length: 108cm Width: 175cm ...

I Belong to You

Material: Wonga Wonga, Copper Dimensions: Length: 80cm Width: 60cm Depth: 50cm

Love Me Totem

Material: Willow, rattan, dodder, clay, ash Dimensions: Length: 190cm Width: 40cm Depth: ...

Joy Totems

Material: Birch, smilax Dimensions: Length: 190cm Width: 40cm Depth: 40cm

Earth, Wind, Fire Totems

Material: Birch, rattan, dodder, clay, ash, charcoal Dimensions: Length: 190cm Width: 30cm ...