The synchronicity of now – new sculptural exhibition transforms common plant material into contemporary and inspired ‘moments’

Acclaimed Sydney fibre artist Catriona Pollard unveils her latest body of work in a solo exhibition titled 11:11 which showcases unique nature based sculptures exploring the synchronicity of now.

Running from 26 October to 12 November 2017 at Sydney Road Gallery, the beautifully constructed and stunning pieces made from foraged plant material represent the magic of simple moments that can be easily missed in our hectic lives.

Commenting on the exhibition, Catriona Pollard explains “As a master number, 11 symbolises the link between human and spirit; darkness and light; scarcity and abundance.”

“Have you ever looked at the clock and noticed the time to be exactly 11:11? For many people it represents a single moment in time that encourages us to pause and reflect even just for a moment, and to focus our attention on our desires rather than our fears.”

Ms Pollard’s work highlights the link between raw foraged organic materials, like vines and grasses, with earthy materials like base metals including copper, and natural elements like charcoal, clay and ash.

The exhibition features intricately woven pieces that transform the inherent beauty of nature into moments that encourage personal reflection and emotional connection.

In 11:11 Ms Pollard explores new techniques not seen before in sculptural weaving to create a collection that is visually interesting and sparks the imagination. For instance, Ms Pollard incorporated the technique of random weave with xanthorrhoea resin to weave a 2 metre high ‘cloak’ which represents the warmth of gratitude.

“All of the vine sculptures in the exhibition were the result of a chance meeting which lead to the opportunity to spend two days in a rainforest ‘dancing’ with vines. It’s moments in time that make up our lives, but more importantly, it’s being open to them.”

“Noticing 11:11 might be the only time that day that we stop and are present and understanding that we are part of something bigger. This body of work is a sculptural representation of noticing the extraordinary in every day moments.”

Ms Pollard’s work explores a deep connection with nature, highlighting the contrast with society’s current disconnection with it. “We are so digitally connected and high-speed now, often we miss the simplicity of moments in time that nature gifts us; noticing the wind, the bird flying by and the shadow of a leaf dancing in the breeze.”

Catriona Pollard has exhibited extensively in selected and group exhibitions and this her second solo. She has been shortlisted as Emerging Artist of the Year Craft NSW (2014, 2015), finalist Ravenswood Women’s Art Prize (2017), Northern Beaches Art Prize (2017), North Sydney Art Prize (2013-2015), Warringah Art Prize (2016), and Mosman Art Gallery 2088 (2011-2017).

Exhibition details:
When: Thursday to Sunday, 26 October – 12 November 2017
Where: Sydney Road Gallery, 563 Sydney Road Seaforth NSW 2092
Cost: Free
Opening night: 26 October from 6.00pm
Times: Thursday – Saturday 10:00am – 4:00pm and Sunday 9:00am – 12:00pm

Weaving demonstration: Sunday 29 October at 11:00am
Cost: Free

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