Primrose Park Art and Craft Centre’s 2013 exhibition

If you missed 'It Takes Two' at InSitu it will be featured at the Primrose Park Art and Craft Centre’s 2013 exhibition. I will also be doing an artist talk on Sunday 17 November.

Primrose Park Art and Craft Centre’s 2013 exhibition will showcase the creativity of local artisans specialising in basketry, paper arts, bookbinding, calligraphy and photography.

The exhibition will run from 15 to 23 November 2013 at Hutley Hall, North Sydney and will be officially opened on 15 November by the Mayor of North Sydney, Councillor Jilly Gibson.

Jean Riley, Chair of Primrose Exhibition Planning Committee said, “This exhibition is a great community event to encourage the public to get more involved in art as well as to support local artists by sharing their work with the community”.

“With the support of the North Sydney Council the Primrose Park Art and Craft Centre aims to help aspiring artists to enhance their skills while gaining valuable feedback and support from experienced artists”.

As part of the exhibition artists will share insights into their art through a series of talks on Sunday 17 November.

“Attending the artist talks is a great way for visitors to get inside the mind of the artist to discover the intention of their artwork and learn about the artist’s technique.”

“We hope this exhibition inspires other young artists to explore their creativity or learn a new medium such as basketry or paper arts,” said Ms Riley.

Official Opening: Friday 15 November 2013, 6:00pm – 8:00pm.

Open Daily: 10:00am – 5:00pm 15- 23 November 2013.

Address: Hutley Hall, Council Chambers, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney 2060.

Artist talks: Sunday 17 November 2013, 11:00am – 12:00am and 2:00pm – 3:00pm.

"It Takes Two" featured in Mosman Daily

"It Takes Two" at the Primrose Park exhibition was featured in the local paper - The Mosman Daily.

mosman Daily

My weaving story featured in SMH

Five ways to switch off

Kate Jones

Catriona Pollard says a creative outlet helps per switch off.Catriona Pollard says a creative outlet helps her switch off.

Checking your phone constantly? Refreshing your inbox every few minutes?

It's a sure sign you need to switch off.

But overcoming a technology addiction is easier said than done when smart phones allow us to bring work wherever we go. Turning off the phone and ignoring the emails just isn't a realistic option, so can you kick the habit?

Find an outlet that doesn't involve phones or computers

Her friends say she "plays with sticks", but Catriona Pollard prefers to call it "the art of weaving".

Pollard took up basketry after she started to feel the pressure of operating her public relations agency CP communications.

"A few years ago I got to the point where I felt I was starting to get burnt out by the intense pressure of constantly being on deadline," Pollard says.

"I thought I had a creative outlet because my job was creative, but I really need other outlets to manage my workload."

Photography appealed to Pollard, but she realised it involved yet more time in front of a computer. Instead, she turned to something completely new and different.

"I saw the local community centre was having a basketry weekend and I signed up," she says.

"When I did it, I knew this was it. It was like a form of meditation and it was such a simplistic task – the exact opposite of what I have to do in my job every day."

Pollard now regularly scours garden waste for plants she can use to sculpt and weave. Her work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and she is on the committee of NSW Basketry.

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In Situ 2013: Mosman Festival of Sculpture & Installation

My work, It Takes Two, has been selected for In Situ 2013.

Situ 2013 is a collaborative sculpture exhibition between Mosman Art Gallery, Mosman businesses and participating artists. It comes under the umbrella of the Festival of Mosman and is a key event in its calendar.

‘It Takes Two’ represents the connection and relationship we have with each other and the world around us. Both pieces are the same, yet different. Like all of us. We are surrounded by unique beauty– which often we don’t notice. Maybe it’s time we did.

Made from collected Palm inflorescences, Gymea lily, rattan hand dyed using bark from gum trees.

It Takes Two will be featured in the shop front of Husk from Saturday 5 October – Sunday 20 October 2013.

Forest Basket featured in Art Almanac

So excited to see my basket "Forest Basket" featured in Art Almanac!


What's a basket? exhibition

Basketry NSW Annual Exhibition has an exhibition on for two days only: Sunday 4th and Friday 9th August 2013; 10 am till 4 pm. Cremorne Sydney

Basketry NSW is showcasing members work in an exhibition of contemporary basketry and fibre sculpture, titled “What’s a basket”. Two of my sculptures will be featured including Forest Dreaming and Skipping Stones.

The exhibition is designed to change people’s perception of what a basket is. In conjunction, workshops and an open day will give people the opportunity to experience this wonderful art.

What's a basket? Once upon a time it was a container with a practical purpose, usually made from plant materials. Recently, basketry has undergone a radical reinvention.

Now all kinds of aesthetic pieces are made using ancient basketry techniques such as coiling, weaving, twining, netting and knotting - but with non-traditional materials, perhaps retaining only a vestige of "containerness", and not necessarily performing the function of holding physical objects within.

At the same time, contemporary basket makers continue to celebrate traditional forms and plant materials. This exhibition by members of Basketry NSW Inc. showcases a range of work that will expand your view of what a basket is.

Venue: The Mezzanine Gallery, Primrose Park Art & Craft Centre, Matora Lane (off Young St), Cremorne, NSW

More information on the Basketry NSW Facebook page.

'Undergrowth' selected for North Sydney Art Prize

nth sydney artMy sculpture 'Undergrowth' has been selected for the North Sydney Art Prize exhibition.

A total of 130 artists were selected from a staggering 447 entries by the distinguished Selection Panel. The artists range from locals to regional and national artists. Many of them have an impressive exhibition history and have been finalists in major national and international events.

The exhibition is open 10am - 5pm, 27 July - 5 August 2013
Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, 2 Balls Head Drive, Waverton

Hutley Hall, Council Chambers, 200 Miller Street, North Sydney

More information click here.

Skipping Stones featured in Mosman Daily

Skipping Stones featured in Mosman Daily for the exhibition "What's a basket?"mosman

Artisan Markets at the Coal Loader

The first Artisan Markets at the Coal Loader in Waverton was so incredible today. We had standing room only in our basketry section for most of the day. It was wonderful to see so much interest in our art.

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